High Quality Zebra Skin, Real African Rugs, Authentic Zebra Hides, Wild Animal Rugs and Pelts from Kottlers of Cape Town Established in 1896.

An Extremely Soft Trophy Grade Zebra Skin, Zebra Hide, Zebra Rug or Zebra Pelt with wide dark stripes and a glossy sheen!

Quality African Skins, Hides, Zebra Rugs and Pelts from Kottlers Of Cape Town - Established in 1896

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OUR World Cup Special PRICE FOR YOUR 9' ZEBRA SKIN / ZEBRA RUG IS NOW $1675 Including Insurance!

Why does it look so GOOD?
It's from Kottlers of Cape Town
Of Course!

A company with over a century's worth of knowledge to rely on!

You'll never select any other more exotic gift than a soft, glossy, striped zebra rug from Kottlers!

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All items shown below are REPRESENTATIVE of available stock, images of actual stock will be emailed to you based on your selection.

Unfelted 9 ft Trophy Grade Zebra Skin Felted 9 ft Trophy Grade Zebra Rugs Unfelted 9 ft Trophy Grade Zebra Hides
Skin 9A

Trophy Grade Zebra
Un-Felted (Jowels Intact)
9 Ft = 2.80m

Skin 9B

Trophy Grade Zebra
Felted With Rounded Nose
9 Ft = 2.80m

Skin 9C

Trophy Grade Zebra
Un-Felted With Rounded Nose
9 Ft = 2.80m

Unfelted 11' Trophy Grade Zebra Skin Unfelted 11' Trophy Grade Zebra Hide Unfelted 11' Trophy Grade Zebra Rug
Zebra Skin 11A

 11 ft Burchell Zebra Skin
Trophy Grade

11ft = 3.35m

Zebra Skin 11B

11 ft Burchell Zebra Skin
Trophy Grade

11ft - 3.35m


Zebra Skin 11C

 11 ft Burchell Zebra Skin
Trophy Grade
11ft - 3.35m

You keep saying 'zebra skins, zebra hides, zebra rugs, zebra skin rugs and zebra pelts' !
What is the difference?

In fact, there is no difference!

It all depends on which country you live in as to whether you will call them 'skins, 'hides' 'rugs' or 'pelts' :)

If it looks great, feels marvelous, and makes you feel good about owning one - then does it matter what it is called ... ?

Please contact us for our latest available zebra stock. 9' Plus unfelted skins, hides, rugs and rugs are now only $1675 USD! This price includes FULL INSURANCE!

Genuine Top Grade African Zebra Hides and Zebra Rugs


 We use an express post office service that should deliver to your door in 12-15 days
(where possible) or to your nearest post office.

We will always supply the zebra skin rugs, zebra hides and zebra pelts asked for wherever possible.
However, if the requested items have already been sold,
we will email you pictures of our latest stock to choose from.

Trophy Grade is the best grade there is, taking into account that the Zebra is a wild African animal.

It lies flat, is supple, and there are no invisibly mended scars.
It is glossy and perfectly cured.

All skins, hides, rugs and pelts sold are Southern African Burchell Zebra. 

Purchasing A Genuine Burchell African Zebra Skin has many advantages:
  1. It is not a restricted species under CITES.
  2. It does not require a permit.
  3. It is not endangered in any way.
  4. It is soft and will not become brittle with age.
If you would like the nose rounded (the hanging jowl bits removed) we can do so with pleasure

You can also contact us by email at kottlers@iafrica.com

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